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In the Bookmark Properties dialog, click Actions

In Windows 7 or earlier, a browser uses this setting only if it is using the Adobe plug-in or add-on for viewing PDF filesIn Windows 8, this setting controls which application is the default PDF application for your system, including in your browser

open pdf file

Windows 8 prompts you to allow this change before applying it to your systemOnce set, Windows 8 also uses the selected PDF application for tasks related to PDF files, such as previewing, displaying thumbnails, and providing file informationTell Me If Adobe Acrobat Is Not My Default PDF Application (Windows only): If Acrobat is not set as the default PDF handler, a dialog prompts whether to make Adobe Acrobat the default PDF application whenever you launch Acrobat

open pdf file

Page Display preferences Default Layout And Zoom Page Layout: Sets the page layout used for scrolling when you first open a documentThe default setting is Automatic

open pdf file

The Page Layout setting in File > Properties > Initial View overrides this value

Zoom: Sets the magnification level for PDF documents when they are first openedNote: This feature is not available when PDFs are viewed in a browser

Open a new window Select Window > New WindowClose a window Click the close box in the window

You are prompted to save any changesClosing a window does not close a document if more than one window is open

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